This website is dedicated to the memory of Ahmed Yacoubi and to his art legacy.




This forward was written after the website was under way.


Let me first introduce myself. My name is Mohammed Tazi. I was born in the city of Fez, Morocco, in its old part  known as the Medina, actually not very far from the neighborhood where the artist, this website is dedicated to, was also born.


I never went to art school nor did I attend an art class. I think that the reason I have a passion and a love for art is because my father was an art collector although he had a traditional taste limited to the “Orientalist” School so that I grew up with paintings of Jacques Majorelle, Henry Pontoy and Jose Cruz Herrera hanging on the walls, at a time when art collectors and lovers were very few in Morocco.


Many readers have noticed that my website has, at this point in time, a negative feel to it at the expense of the huge talent of the artist, a more positive topic to write about. The reason being that I limited myself and did not choose to doing so, only to criticizing any negative or false comments that were made on Ahmed Yacoubi; it was a gut feeling because I take everything of concern to Ahmed Yacoubi personally and at heart.; although I try to remain lucid and non-biased when I do so.

However, there's plenty to learn about the artist and his art even at this point in time of my work.

I will be working on a more positive matter that of the art of this genius of an artist with the means at hand, having accumulated the most complete documentation there is on the artist but was refused the copyrights to write a book for no obvious or rational reason.


NB: as of today, I have avoided and been reluctant to deal , in a more exhaustive way and with the technical means available to me, with Ahmed Yacoubi's work per se, because  I am 100% sure that the arguments and information I will be providing, will be used by someone else as copyrights laws in Morocco are not given much respect unfortunately.


On a very related matter, some readers asked me why I did not feature pictures of the paintings of Ahmed Yacoubi on my website; the reason is simply to comply with  US copyrights laws.

I could have used the "Fair-Use" clause which stipulates that pictures can be reproduced for informational and non-profit purposes, which is the case of my website. However, legally, this clause did not look very sound to me, so I gave up on doing it to avoid unworthy hassle.


Thank you for your interest in going through the website; your comments whether negative or positive will be very welcome and I will make sure to post them.


If anybody has additional information on the artist or his work, I will be very happy to include them as well with credit given to the concerned persons.



                                                                                   Mohammed Tazi, October 2014


PS: this forward was revised on March 5, 2016, in view of some recent events.








Visit to the grave in the cemetery where Ahmed Yacoubi is buried in Tangiers.